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About AS ONE

Management Philosophy

Innovation and Creation
Forever a company taking challenges with the frontier spirit

AS ONE , under our management philosophy of Innovation and Creation, is on a ceaseless path proactive toward change and desiring never to stay in the same place.
Our aim is also to realize something unique, something that has never been seen before: new products, new value, new systems.

Our Company Name

“AS ONE ” for us means a sense of coming together.
Amidst the dizzying changes in the market environment, our desire is to strive for progress in creating new value together with our users, distributors and manufacturers.

Our Logo

The company logo is based on a simple pattern incorporating the initial “A” from AS ONE . The powerful line created by the rising right-hand side symbolizes AS ONE creating the crest of a new era. Our corporate colors of red and green reflect the raw drive to spur on innovation of the former and the outstanding intelligence to build creative value of the latter.