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Approach to Specialized Fields

Taking strides into new fields using AS ONE 's strengths in its vast and specialized product range

Far from just wholesaling physical / chemical science instruments, AS ONE provides high added value products to multiple specialized fields through greater sophistication and segmentation. The company is forging new markets with rapid growth cycles, like research equipment and instruments, semiconductor products, food hygiene testing equipment, devices for fine particles, and more.

Engaging with the specialization, sophistication and segmentation of new fields

Specialization, sophistication and segmentation continues to grow in research and development, technology development and production technology for specialized fields like high technology and nanotechnology in the semiconductor industry and biotechnology or nano-bio in biochemical fields. Our approach to these fields requires specialized knowledge and technical knowledge as well as our lineup of high value-added products.
To gain growth and room for scalability in these new and specialized fields, AS ONE has formed special teams to handle each product and field and build up our knowhow. We are concentrating our strengths on developing these new fields, increasing our specialization, promoting product sales, exploring new products and planning original items.

Boldly advancing into the research field

Attention to detail in our products

We intend to continue to not only focus on the market to expand into new fields but also to focus on products to make deep inroads into these markets. Our lineup will gain in detail and coverage through our attention to the voices of our customers. In particular, anti-static products are required items for production front lines where growth can be expected, such as in semiconductor plants where defects due to static electricity can cause major losses, hence we have established an organization able to give a steady supply of our comprehensive selection.