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Product Strategy

A product lineup fixed on growth areas to meet market trends and needs

AS ONE offers an abundant lineup utilizing sophisticated merchandising, fully configured according to reflect input of our customers, inclusive of the development of our own brand.

Scientific Instruments
Scientific Instruments
  • University research institutes
  • Public research laboratories
  • Private research institutes

Scientific instruments for university or corporate research institutes are a core field AS ONE is involved in. Our business is expanding with our advance efforts for multiple products in small production quantities, accurately matched to the diversifying and segmenting demands of researcher.

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Industrial Instruments
Industrial Instruments
  • Production facilities
    • Chemicals
    • Electronics
    • Semiconductors
    • Food products, etc.

The industrial instruments field is geared toward production lines in the various types of factories that form the core of Japanese manufacturing. We offer a full range of products with high quality to support contemporary production technologies in the highest levels of chemicals, electronics, semiconductors and more.

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Hospital / Nursing Instruments
Hospital / Nursing Instruments
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes for the elderly

The field of hospital and nursing components is another of AS ONE ’s primary fields, along with research and industrial instruments. Our desire is to realize a selection of products giving comprehensive support to nursing and care based on the core concept of “products designed for the user.”

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Steadily developing a system finely tuned to our customers’ needs

AS ONE undertakes to provide as detailed information as possible on its products, using catalogs and the Internet. Precisely because we handle so many items with specialized applications, such as research instruments in particular, we must maintain close communication with our customers. Accordingly we have made available points of contact such as our Customer Support Center so that we can give rapid and comprehensive answers to the requests or queries given to us by our customers.

We also go beyond the requests received through the center to proactively hold round-table meetings with nurse who actually use our products in the front lines of medical treatment to find out their frank opinions and ensure our product development is constantly focused on the customer’s perspective.