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Information Strategy

Expanding information network services utilizing fast and precise IT

Since beginning to publish its catalogs, AS ONE places a premium on making information available, undertaking to enhance it services through information strategies one step ahead of our competition through utilizing Internet technology and other means.

Information Strategy

Information systems designed for user convenience

Powerful searchability

AS ONE ’s Jus-Tis online search system for product information offers a full array of search functions from a user perspective for rapid searching, including conditional searches, term-based searches or model / item searches. It comes with an superb user interface that is extremely easy to use.

Constant updates with the latest information

One of the key advantages of the Internet is the immediacy of information. Constant updates ensure information is provided straightaway in a manner impossible with catalogs.

In-depth product information

AS ONE ’s rapid engagement with the e-business age enables us to effectively wield Internet technology and provide high-volume product information as required of a business dealing in multiple models in small quantities. Our SCIENCEJP.INFO portal site for general research instruments is full of contents such as the latest scientific information and lavish product descriptions, and is much in use by our users. ON-AIR is brimming with contents introducing products through videos as well as allowing users to gain the knowledge they need, and again is in high demand.

ai-com web allows you to check inventory in real-time

AS ONE ’s information communication system has a network covering every operation in sales and inventory management, from stock acquisition to orders and shipment, realizing a speedy and accurate system. It can function as a communication tool for dealers and suppliers via the Internet.

“ocean”: an online purchasing site for companies

“ocean” is an online purchasing site adaptable to the various purchasing styles of each user company. It accommodates itself on demand to the purchasing style of each company, inclusive of inventory checks, product purchasing functions, specification of purchasing dealer, and detailed invoicing data. It is interlinked to AS ONE ’s logistics system to shorten the lead time to delivery and helps to lighten company purchasing operations while also speeding them up.